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The NJCCR has been one of our regular sponsors of pre- and postdoctoral fellows. This year, Katrin Paeschke from Zakian's lab was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in breast cancer research for her project The role of Pif1p at G-quadruplexsites in the genome. The goal of this research project is to understand the involvement of the yeast Pif1p DNA helicase during DNA replication specifically at GC rich sites, which are prone to breakage or replication fork stalling, a feature that contributes to genome instability and is prevalent in cancer cells. Desmond A. Brown, an M.D./Ph.D. student in the Eggenschwiler lab was awarded an NJCCR pre-doctoral fellowship for his proposal entitled: “Role of Cilia in Shh Signaling & CNS Tumorigenesis.” The research plan specifically aims to characterize the localization and kinetics of hedgehog components within the primary cilium and to explore the role of Shh signaling within this organelle in maintenance of the stem-like population of cells in medulloblastomas- the most common pediatric CNS malignancy. This project thus represents an amalgamation of stem cell, developmental and tumor biology. Karin McDonald, a graduate student in the Zakian/Cristea labs, was awarded a cancer predoctoral fellowship for her project Protein Interactions of the Telomerase Holoenzyme. In this project mass spectrometry will be used to characterize protein interactions of the telomerase enzyme that play a role in the regulation of telomerase biogenesis, activity and recruitment to the chromosomes.

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