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Michael Berry featured in Princeton Weekly Bulletin

Neuroscientist Michael Berry spends much of his time pondering circuits — not the electronic sort that appear on a computer chip, but the biological sort that brain cells form to accomplish the still poorly understood calculations involved in thinking.

Berry, who spent years training as an experimental physicist, had gained a substantial amount of knowledge of how computer circuits work before turning his attention to the brain. In a way, finding a home in Princeton’s Department of Molecular Biology is also the completion of a personal circuit, one that began when he was a teenager.

“Biology was my first love,” said Berry, an associate professor who received tenure a few months ago. “Computational neuroscience is a hybrid field, one where I can study biological behavior with the tools I learned in physics. I’m interested in the processes that underlie the brain’s intelligence — the actual details of what goes on in our brains.” Read more

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