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Berry Wins McKnight Award

Michael Berry II was one of four scientists selected to receive a 2010 McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Awards. The awards have been given annually since 1999 to advance the range of technologies available for studying the brain and the diseases that affect it. Michael’s innovation is the “Microfabricated patch clamp micropipette": Patch clamp recording is a central technique in neuroscience that allows measurement and control of electrical signals generated by individual neurons. Berry's lab will develop a microfabricated patch micropipette which will allow scientists to perform novel experiments not possible with conventional glass patch micropipettes, such as the ability to readily control the chemical environment of neurons by rapid dialysis. The device will also be more reliable and simpler to use than existing micropipettes, saving significant time and effort. Because the micropipette can be mass-produced using commercial silicon-based microfabrication techniques, its advanced capabilities will be available to the entire neuroscience community.

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