Undergraduate Studies

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Class of 2015 Advisor Research Thesis
Aseel Abdalla Mahmoud, A  (non-lab)
Candice Akiti Murthy,M Dopaminergic Neurons Regulate Female Receptivity During Courtship in Drosophila melanogaster
Courtney Balgobin Burdine,RD Assessing the Effects of RASopathy Mutations on Zebrafish Heart Morphogenesis
Carles Boix Storey,JD Identifying Concordance Between Open Chromatin and Gene Expression
Melanie Boyle Gammie,AE  (non-lab)
Corey Cheung Kang,Y The Role of Fucosyltransferases in Sialyl-Lewis X Synthesis in Breast Cancer Metastasis
Jacqueline Chu Korennykh,A Use of a dominant negative mutant to identify endogenous targets of RNase L and the potential therapeutic applications
Melissa Downey Stock,JB The Effect of Head Trauma on Early Onset Neurodegeneration in Soccer Players (non-lab)
Taylor Dunstan Notterman,DA  (non-lab)
Kacie Farrell Devenport,D The instructive nature of Wnt-family gradients during the establishment of long-range planar cell polarity in the mammalian epidermis
Sophie Giguere Cristea,IM A Proteomics-based Analysis of Deleted in Breast Cancer 1 (DBC1) and its Role in Transcriptional Regulation
Sneha Goswami Shenk,TE Investigation of human cytomegalovirus modulation of L1CAM in glioma stem cells
Kelly Gross Notterman,DA  (non-lab)
Tiffany Huang Enquist,LW  (non-lab)
Bryce Ingram Gitai,Z Characterizing How the Microbiota Affects General Life Traits of Caenorhabditis Elegans
Aaron Javitt Cristea,IM Categorizing the Interplay of IFI16-Mediated Cellular Immunity and Viral Immunoevasion
Ken Jean-Baptiste Wingreen,NS A-Sub-OTU-Resolution Analysis of the Urinary Microbiome
Michael Kochis Mahmoud, A Molecular Characterization of the Rotavirus Strains Circulating Among Ghanaian Children Pre- and Post-Vaccine Introduction  (non-lab)
Daria Koren Silhavy,TJ sRNA Regulation within the Cpx Stress Response Pathway of E. coli
Thomas Kroshus vonHoldt Behavioral Genetics of Aggression of Canis lupus in Yellowstone National Park
Minghao Li Cristea,IM Absolute Quantification of the HSV-1 Proteome using Isotope-labeled Protein Concatemers
Luba Margai Hughson,FM A Study of a SNARE-Tether Interaction: Domain Mapping of the Vps18-Vam7 Complex
Lynessa McGee Bassler,BL Mapping CqsS Agonist Binding and Activation
Tenley McKee Rose,MD Identifying a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fusogen in prm1Δ mating-defective mutants
Nicholas Moon Silhavy,TJ Characterization of the bamA101 mutation and its effect on envelope biogenesis
Jenna Newman Gammie,AE An Analysis of Drug Resistance and Chemical Synthetic Lethality in Mismatch Repair Defective Saccharomyces cerevisias
Grzegorz Nowak Buschman Analysis of gamma oscillation coherence during attention and optogenetic gamma induction on behaviordetermining the effect of local
David Octeau Petry,S Characterization of the Role of TPX2 in Microtubule Branching Nucleation
Aminah Olajide Murthy,M A study on the acute effects of caffeine on age-related olfactory dysfunction (non-lab)
Eunhae Park Silhavy,TJ Determining a role for peptidyl-prolyl isomerase activity in Escherichia coli outer membrane assembly
Joseph Park Boulanger,LM MHC class I mediates synapse elimination at the developing vertebrate neuromuscular junction
Amara Plaza-Jennings Gavis,ER Identification of Nanos and Pumilio Targets in Drosophila melangoster Class IV Dendritic Arborization Neurons
Vivian Qin Schupbach,GM Characterizing KC53, A New Mutant Affecting Border Cell Migration in Drosophila
Alankrita Raghavan Hecht,MH Examining the Rescue Mechanism of Escherichia Coli ΔserB Auxotrophy by Evolved SynSerB Proteins
Michael Ramos Schwarzbauer,J The role of the fibronectin-collagen I interaction in chondrogenic differentiation
Graham Read Flint,SJ Identification of Substrates of the Viral E3 Ubiquitin Ligase
Rachel Reiss Mahmoud, A  (non-lab)
Karen Schirm Shenk,TE The Role of RL13 in Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) Replication
Thomas Scott Brody,C Mapping the anterior-posterior extent of the rat Posterior Parietal Cortex based on afferent connections
Kevin Shannon Schwarzbauer,J Development of a Thrombus Resistant Vascular Graft
Kevin Shi Gavis,ER Detection of Translational Complexity and Control in Drosophila Embryo Transcriptomes
Yekaterina Shulgina Wang,SS The genetic basis of intellectual interests and autism
Evelyn Siu Ploss,A Developing human liver chimeric mice for the study of human malaria
Alexander Smith Ploss,A Characterizing Dengue Virus Infection in Tissue Specific STAT1-/- Mice 
Gina Sun Schupbach,GM The Role of CG7787 in Establishing and Maintaining Basement Membrane Polarity in the Drosophila Follicular Epithelium
Tugce Tunalilar Kastner,S Baseline Activity of Pulvinar Cells in Awake Behaving Macaques
Linda Vo Zakian,VA Identifying Proteins Involved in Promoting Replication Fork Progression Past Protein-DNA Complexes Formed at tRNA Genes in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Thaddeus Weigel Wang,SS Structural Connections of the Cerebellar Cortex to Association and Reward Areas of the Brain
Donald Wilson Stock,JB Measuring Eicosanoyl-5-Hydroxytryptamine in Coffea Arabica Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Frank Woo Devenport,D Function of Planar Cell Polarity in Postnatal Mice
Jeffrey Wu Zakian,VA Determining the Function of the Pif1 Signature Sequence  (non-lab)
Hope Xu Burdine,RD Characterization of Brain Ventricle Mutant schnitter
Zachary Yaffe Enquist,LW Generation of a Dual Color System To Differentiate Pseudorabies Virus Inoculum From Progeny During Infection of Peripheral Nervous System Neurons
Heidi Yi Hughson,FM  
Min Kyung Yi Brody,C Examining a Pathway from Superior Colliculus to Prefrontal Cortex through Medial Dorsal Nucleus in Thalamus 
Yapei Zhang Gitai,Z  

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