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Choosing a Thesis Advisor

The method used to match students with advisors is similar to the one employed to "match" newly minted MDs with residency positions. First, a match is automatic if (a) the student and advisor put each other down as a first choice or (b) the student and advisor indicate that the student is already a member of the laboratory. Second, the faculty advisor’s list is examined and a top ranking student is matched if the advisor is anywhere on the student's list. If a student is equally ranked by multiple advisors, the student will be assigned to the one the student most prefers. This process will be repeated moving down the advisors’ lists until all "matches" are made. Finally, students who have not been chosen by an advisor will be assigned to available positions based on the student’s rank order list. If no positions are available with the selected advisors the student will be assigned to an appropriate advisor with an opening. Approximately 95% of students are matched with their first or second choice.

Please view the research interests of each faculty member to become familiar with the research topics in the department.  Finally, some students find it helps with the decision to view the types of projects worked on by
previous MOL students

Once you have prioritized your thesis advisor choices please print and fill out the rank order form and submit electronically. If no form is submitted, we will choose a senior thesis advisor for you in a uniformed way. Similarly, faculty members will also be asked to fill out a survey indicating the students their preferences.

You will be informed of your thesis advisor assignment in December. Be sure to contact your advisor before Spring Semester. If you have any questions about this process, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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