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Cell Host & Microbe Paper


Congratulations to Ding and Markus (both postdocs) for their latest review entitled "The Impact of Hepatitis C Virus Entry on Viral Tropism" published in Cell Host & Microbe! 


Undergraduate Evelyn Siu receives Award!

Congratulations to Evelyn Siu who received a Senior Thesis Research award for her project entitled "The Development of Human Liver Chimeric Mice for the Study of Human Malaria"!



Alexander Ploss in the New York Times




Pathogen researchers at Columbia University conduct genomic analyses of rats in the city of Manhattan, finding a number of key discoveries, including viruses resembling our own infectious agent of interest, Hepatitis C. 

Read the article here.

Alexander Ploss, Benjamin Winer and Sherif Gerges in the Daily Princetonian!


The Science Translational Medicine paper has been highlighted (again) in the Daily Princetonian! The article features Alexander Ploss, Benjamin Winer and Sherif Gerges. You can read more about this highlight here.


Ploss Lab Collaboration


Meningitis Vaccine Study

The Ploss lab collaborated with Dr. Nicole Basta from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in a meningitis study at Princeton University. 

From the article:

"The study, funded by the Program on U.S. Health Policy in the Center for Health and Wellbeing at the Wilson School, will evaluate for the first time the Bexsero vaccine’s performance in an outbreak setting. While the vaccine proved experimentally effective in vitro in a lab, the study will reveal how effective the vaccine proved to be for University students."

You can read more here.

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