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Markus von Schaewen wins conference scholarship

Markus von Schaewen wins conference scholarship to “HEPDART 2013: Frontiers in Drug Development for Viral Hepatitis” ( held on the Big Island, HI. Congratulations!

Markus von Schaewen Wins Poster Award

Congratulations to Markus von Schaewen, who was awarded the Chairmen’s Poster Award at the December 2013 HEP DART conference for his entry: Expanding the Host Range of Hepatitis C Virus through Viral Adaptation!

Ploss Research Cited in Cell Research

Ploss research cited in Binder M, Bartenschlager R. (2013) Hepatitis C: A mouse at the end of the tunnel. Cell Res. in press

Link to online article

Ploss Research Cited in the Journal of Hepatology

Ploss research cited in Mailly L, Zeisel MB, Baumert TF. (2013) Genetically humanized mice recapitulate the entire hepatitis C virus life cycle. J Hepatology. in press

link to online article

New mouse model for hepatitis C (Nature)

Hepatitis C affects about three million people in the U.S. and is a leading cause of chronic liver disease, so creating a vaccine and new treatments is an important public health goal. Most research to date has been done in chimpanzees because they are one of a handful of species that become infected and spread the virus.