Ploss Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Alexander Ploss
Research Interest:  Liver biology, human infectious diseases, animal engineering, immunology

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Markus von Schaewen, MD.
Previous Institution: Humboldt University (Medical Degree)
Interests:  Soaring, Cooking, Rowing. 
 Optimized-Florian Douam
Florian Douam, PhD.
Previous Institution: ENS de Lyon
Interests: Scientific Communication (I have published a Book and given a TED Talk), drumming, singing.
Qiang Ding, PhD
Previous Institution: Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, SIBS.
Interests:  Jingju (Chinese Opera)

Graduate Students

2013-Ben Winer
Benjamin Winer
Previous Institution: College of William & Mary (B.Sc: Physics, Chemistry)
Interests:  Soccer
 Jenna Gaska copy
Jenna Gaska
Previous Institution: Southwestern University (B.S. in Biology, B.A. in Classics)
Interests:  Reading, piano, puzzles.

Undergraduate Students

Optimized-Alexander Jafari
Alexander Jafari, '16
Optimized-Yentli Soto Albrecht
Yentli Soto-Albrecht, '16
Optimized-Michael Chang
Michael Chang, '16

Lab Manager

Brigitte Heller
Previous Institution: Rutgers University (Chemistry and Genetics/Molecular Biology)
Interests: Reading, Knitting, Hiking

Research Specialists

Gabriela Hrebikova
Previous Institution: William Paterson University (B.Sc in Animal Physiology & Behavior)
Interests: Music, reading.

Visiting Students/Scientists

Optimized-Mihai Alexandru Pais Mihai Alexandru-Pais
Previous Institution:University of Freiburg Faculty of Medicine (MD Candidate). 
Interests: Alpine skiing, Classical Music, Painting

Faculty Assistant

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William Mercado
(609) 258-1694