Lab News

03/2015: Sabine presents at the Pew Biomedical Program Annual Meeting.

03/2015: Rachel Kadzick joins the lab as a post-doc. Welcome!

02/2015: Professors Sabine Petry and Joshua Shaevitz receive the Molecular Biology Innovation Award for their joint research proposal

02/2015: Sabine presents at the 40th Lorne Protein Conference in Australia.

01/2015: Matt and Ray pass their general exams. Congrats!

01/2015: We welcome Akanksha Thawani as a new graduate student, co-mentored with Prof. Howard Stone, from the Chemical & Biological Engineering Ph.D. Program.

12/2014: Sabine presents at the ASCB Meeting in Philadelphia.

10/2014: The Petry Lab kicks off the first Schultz Happy Hour of this year with a creative Halloween Costume Party.

10/2014: Sabine is awarded the Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering.

10/2014: Alex Ploss and Sabine Petry organize the annual retreat of the Department of Molecular Biology - a success!

10/2004: Eric Glynn joins the lab as a rotation student from the Molecular Biology Ph.D. Program.

09/2014: Sabine gives a lecture and is the external guest at the 3rd Edition of the EMBO Course "Microscopy, Modelling and Biophysical Methods" at EMBL in Heidelberg.

08/2014: Sabine gives a talk at the 15th International Xenopus Conference in Asilomar, CA.

07/2014: Sabine returns from the spectacular 2nd Ribo Lab Alumni meeting and the 50th Anniversary of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK.

07/2014: The Petry Lab has its first lab retreat. After great talks, our kayaking trip was rained out and compensated by bowling and laster tag.

07/2014: Jae-Geun "Jake" Song joins the lab as the first post-doctoral fellow from the Max Perutz Labs in Vienna. Welcome!

06/2014: Sabine is selected as Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences by The Pew Charitable Trust.

06/2014: The Physiology Course rocks! Sabine co-teaches the Biochemistry Bootcamp with the inspirational Bob Fisher.

06/2014: Sabine gives a talk at the Max Perutz Laboratories and the University of Vienna as part of the seminar series "Modern Concepts in Structural Biology".

06/2014: Matt King and Raymundo Alfaro-Aco join the lab as the first graduate students. Welcome!