Lab News

01/2016: Akanksha and Sagar pass their general exams. Congrats!

12/2015: The Petry Lab celebrates its 3rd Annual Holiday Party.

12/2015: Sabine presents at the ASCB Meeting.

11/2015: Sabine’s and Ron’s NCB review gets published.

10/2015: The lab gets creative with pumpkin carving.

10/2015: Sabine presents at the EMBO Seeing is Believing Meeting.

10/2015: Michael Rale joins the lab as a rotation student. Welcome!

09/2015: Sabine presents at the Annual Packard Meeting at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

07/2015: Ray’s and Sabine’s JBC review gets published. Well done!

06/2015: Ray and Sabine lead a session project together with the Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz group at the MBL Physiology Course.

06/2015: Sabine gives a talk at the MBL Physiology Course.

05/2015: Ray receives an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship. Congratulations!

04/2015: Sagar Setru from Josh Shaevitz’ Lab and the QCB Graduate Program becomes a joint lab member. Welcome!

03/2015: James Martin rotates in the lab.

03/2015: Marina Noguiera joins the lab for her junior paper and senior thesis. Welcome!

03/2015: Sabine presents at the Pew Biomedical Program Annual Meeting.

03/2015: Rachel Kadzick joins the lab as a post-doc. Welcome!

02/2015: Professors Sabine Petry and Joshua Shaevitz receive the Molecular Biology Innovation Award for their joint research proposal

02/2015: Sabine presents at the 40th Lorne Protein Conference in Australia.

01/2015: Matt and Ray pass their general exams. Congrats!