Lab News


06/2016: Michael Rale joins the lab as a graduate student. Welcome!


05/2016: Marina finishes her senior thesis and oral exam. Congrats and good luck with your next position!


05/2016: Elbeg submits her junior thesis. Congrats! Now on to the senior thesis…


05/2016: Matt’s and Sabine’s chapter in Methods of Molecular Biology is out!


04/2016: Sabine’s Annual Review of Biochemistry article on mitotic spindle assembly is available online.


04/2016: Sabine participate at the HHMI Gilliam Mentor Workshop.


03/2016: Akanksha wins the inaugural SABIC award for best general exam examination performation in the CBE department. It comes with a cash prize and a plaque that will be displayed for all eternity in the E-quad. Congrats!

02/106: The team consisting of Sabine Petry (Mol Bio), Josh Shaevitz (Physics) and Haw Yang (Chemistry) receive Princeton’s Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund Award!


02/2016: Sabine gives a talk at Brandeis University. Thanks to Charlotte Kelley and Avital Rodal for the invite!


01/2016: Sabine gives a talk at Dartmouth University. Thanks to Corey Allard for the student-invited lecture!

01/2016: Elbeg Erdenee joins the lab for her junior thesis. Welcome!

01/2016: Akanksha and Sagar pass their general exams. Congrats!

12/2015: The Petry Lab celebrates its 3rd Annual Holiday Party.

12/2015: Sabine presents at the ASCB Meeting.

11/2015: Sabine’s and Ron’s NCB review gets published.

10/2015: The lab gets creative with pumpkin carving.

10/2015: Sabine presents at the EMBO Seeing is Believing Meeting.

10/2015: Michael Rale joins the lab as a rotation student. Welcome!

09/2015: Sabine presents at the Annual Packard Meeting at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

07/2015: Ray’s and Sabine’s JBC review gets published. Well done!