Devenport Lab News

July 2014: Halley has just graduated with her PhD! Congratulations, Dr. Oyer!!!

June 2014: Welcome to Kim and Frank, who have just joined the lab! And congratulations to Breanna, who has just graduated—best of luck in all your future endeavors!

April 2014: Bryan has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

March 2014: Danelle has been awarded a 2014 Innovation Award!

January 2014: CONGRATULATIONS to Bryan, who just passed his PhD-qualifying general exam!

Sep 2013: The school year has begun, and we welcome rotation student, Kim!

July 2013: This summer, we are glad to have Princeton undergraduates Breanna McMahon (senior thesis student) and Kacie Farrell, and Univ of Texas - El Paso undergraduate Irving Miramontes, who are all participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

June 2013: We are excited to have graduate student Bryan join the lab! Also congratulations to our senior thesis student Joseph, who has graduated in the Princeton Class of 2013!

May 2013: Danelle was invited to attend and speak at the Gordon Research Conference on Epithelial Differentiation & Keratinization, held May 12-17 in Barga, Italy.

April 2013: Danelle was named a 2013 Searle Scholar! She also was invited to attend and speak at the Planar Cell Polarity conference, held April 14-17 at Janelia Farm Research Campus.

March 2013: Welcome to graduate rotation students Joel and Allison!

January 2013: Welcome to Brad, our new postdoc! And a big *CONGRATULATIONS* to Wen and Rezma for passing their general exams!

December 2012: Welcome to the lab, graduate rotation student, Hendia!

October 2012: Clay, Wen and Rezma all presented posters at the Mol Bio Department's annual retreat, held Oct 5-6. Great job, guys!

September 2012: Welcome to graduate rotation student, Bryan!

July 2012: Welcome to our first postdoc, Clay! Welcome also to MD/PhD rotation students Jeremy and Alice, and high school student, Aashna! The lab is getting full now! :D

June 2012: Welcome to the lab, Wen and Rezma, our first two graduate students! Welcome also to Halley, who is joining us as a senior graduate student.

May 2012: Our first Princeton undergraduate senior thesis student, Joseph, has joined the lab! Welcome!

March 2012: Welcome to graduate rotation student, Wenyang!

December 2011: Welcome to Wen and Rezma, our first graduate rotation students!

November 2011: Our first big equipment order arrives!

October 2011: Katie Bradbury, Lab Manager and Research Specialist, becomes the first member of the Devenport lab. Welcome, Katie!

September 2011: Danelle joins the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton as Assistant Professor.