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Amanda Hurley Wins Emerging Alumni Scholars Award

Amanda Hurley, a graduate student in the Bassler lab, has won the Emerging Alumni Scholars Award. Congratulations Amanda! For more information, see


"Local and global consequences of flow on bacterial quorum sensing" published in Nature Microbiology

Congratulations to Kevin Kim, whose paper "Local and global consequences of flow on bacterial quorum sensing" was recently published in Nature Microbiology and featured on the Princeton University Department of Molecular Biology website. To see the news feature, click here.

Bonnie Bassler receives FASEB 2016 Excellence in Science Award

Bonnie Bassler has been selected for the FASEB 2016 Excellence in Science Award. According to the FASEB website, the award is "given in recognition of outstanding achievement by women in biological science.  Recipients are women whose career achievements have contributed significantly to further our understanding of a particular discipline by excellence in research."

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Bonnie Bassler awarded Shaw Prize

The Shaw Prize Foundation announced on June 1st, 2015 that Bonnie Bassler will receive the 2015 Shaw Prize in Life Sciences and Medicine. She shares the prize with E. Peter Greenberg of the University of Washington "for their discovery of quorum sensing, a process whereby bacteria communicate with each other and which offers innovative ways to interfere with bacterial pathogens or to modulate the microbiome for health applications." For more see: Bonnie Bassler awarded Shaw Prize

Bassler lab welcomes new graduate students

Two new graduate students, Justin Silpe and Robert Scheffler, have joined the Bassler lab from the Department of Molecular Biology. Welcome to the lab, Justin and Robert!