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MOL561 Scientific Integrity in the Practice of Molecular Biology-offered Spring

Abby Notterman

This course satisfies the mandate of the National Institutes of Health for training of molecular biologists in the ethical practice of science.  The nature of –and response to –personal “misconduct” will be principle focus.  Through case studies and class discussion, we will examine the societal framework for the public support of basic biomedical research, the rights and responsibilities of students and mentors in the conduct of that research, and the significance of intellectual property.  We will also review regulations concerning research with human subjects and animals.

CHM500 A/B/C Responsible Conduct Research Chemistry-offered Fall

Discussion and evaluation of the role professional researchers play in dealing with the reporting of research, responsible authorship, human and animal studies, misconduct and fraud in science, intellectual property, and professional conduct in scientific relationships. Participants are expected to read the materials and cases prior to each meeting. Successful completion is based on regular attendance and active participation in discussion. This half-term course is designed to satisfy federal funding agencies requirements for training in the ethical practice of scientists. Required for graduate students and post-docs.

PSY591/NEU591 Responsible Conduct of Research-offered Spring

Examination of issues in the responsible conduct of scientific research, including the definition of scientific misconduct, mentoring, authorship, peer review, grant practices, use of humans and of animals as subjects, ownership of data, and conflict of interest. Class will consist primarily of the discussion of cases. Required of all first year graduate students in the Department of Psychology. Open to other graduate students.

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