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  1. Do you offer a master's degree program?

  2. Can I apply for admission for the spring term?
    No. Applications for admission are only accepted for the fall term.

  3. I majored in a non-biology discipline such as chemistry, physics, or mathematics. Am I eligible for admission? Are there specific course requirements for admission?

    There are no rigid prerequisites for admission. To support changes in scientific direction, Princeton offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate level courses to provide additional background preparation.

  4. I am an international student. Should I apply?
    Yes. Interested applicants from outside the United States are encouraged to apply.

  5. Am I a good candidate for admission?
    The admission committee thoroughly evaluates all aspects of each application, including research experience, GRE scores, performance in previous course work, and letters of recommendation. There is no single deciding factor in determining admission and all interested students are encouraged to apply.

  6. When are the interview weekends?
    Interview weekends for promising candidates are generally held in February or March.

  7. How do I apply to the MD/PhD program?
    Application information for the MD/PhD program.

  8. Is there an advantage to applying through Biology@Princeton?
    Yes, you can ask that your application be read by more than one program, which may increase your chance for admission.

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