Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Graduate Program in Molecular Biology

The Graduate Program in Molecular Biology welcomes students from a variety of educational backgrounds. Students select courses in a variety of disciplines and carry out research rotations with faculty members in Molecular Biology and associated programs and departments. The program provides a wide choice of advisers encompassing a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary interests and research objectives.

Areas of Research

Interdisciplinary Options


Prospective students interested in Neuroscience and Princeton's Ph.D. program, please visit the Princeton Neuroscience Institute for more information.

Quantitative and Computational Biology

Prospective students interested in Princeton's Ph.D. program, please visit Quantitative and Computational Biology for more information.


We encourage applicants whose interests span graduate programs at Princeton to apply via Biology@Princeton. This option provides a mechanism for applicants to be considered by more than one program, and may increase the chances of admission.

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