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Neuroscience Research


Neuroscience Research

The Department of Molecular Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute have a goal to understand how the nervous system works together as one unit by studying the very complex interactions and underlying cellular connections. This ambitious goal primarily involves the understanding of neural coding and dynamics. Neural coding refers to the way that information is represented by the activity patterns of brain cells. Neural dynamics involves how neural circuits manipulate, modify, and store information in the process of controlling behavior and cognition. Department scientists use a variety of powerful technologies ranging from genetics and cell biology of model organisms such as worms and flies to multi-photon imaging of neurons in action. Other technologies involve viral-assisted gene delivery of genetically encoded activity sensors and modulators as well as multi-electrode recording and imaging of neurons engaged in directing complex behaviors.

Faculty in Neuroscience Research

Michael J. Berry

Michael J.
Berry II

Associate Professor

Phone(609) 258-1268

Research: Neural computation in the retina

Areas of Research: Biophysics, Computation & Modeling, Neuroscience

locationPrinceton Neuroscience Institute, A86
Phone Lab (609) 258-0495

Lisa Boulanger

Lisa M. Boulanger

Assistant Professor

Phone (609) 258-4897

Research: Immune proteins in the formation, function, and modification of neuronal connectivity

Areas of Research: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cell Biology, Development, Neuroscience

Research Lab

locationPrinceton Neuroscience Institute, A52
Lab Phone Lab (609) 258-2717


Carlos D.


Phone(609) 258-7645

Research: Quantitative approaches to systems neuroscience

Areas of Research: Computation & Modeling, Neuroscience

Research Lab

locationPrinceton Neuroscience Institute, 186
Lab Phone Lab (609) 258-5559

Lynn Enquist

Lynn W.

Henry L. Hillman Professor

Phone (609) 258-2415

Research: Neurovirology

Areas of Research: Cell Biology, Genomics, Microbiology & Virology, Neuroscience

Research Lab

locationSchultz Lab, 314
Phone Lab (609) 258-4990

Elizabeth Gavis photo

Elizabeth R. Gavis


Phone(609) 258-3857

Research: RNA localization and translational regulation during development in Drosophila

Areas of Research: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Development, Genetics

Research Lab

locationSchultz Lab, 416
Phone Lab (609) 258-1770

mcbride pic


ecology and evolutionary biology

Phone (609) 258-9598

Research: Genes and neural circuits underlying behavioral evolution

Research Areas: Evolution, Genetics, Genomics, Neuroscience

McBride Research Lab

locationGuyot Hall, 106A 
Phone Lab (609) 258-9598

Mala Murthy



Phone(609) 258-9820

Research: Olfactory and Auditory Perception in Drosophila

Areas of Research: Biochemistry,
Computation & Modeling, Development,
Genetics, Neuroscience

Research Lab

locationPrinceton Neuroscience Institute, A53
Phone Lab (609) 258-2156

Jeffry B. Stock

Jeffry B.


Phone (609) 258-6111

Research: Membrane receptors and signal transduction

Areas of Research: Biochemistry,
Biophysics, Microbiology &  Neuroscience, Structural Biology

Research Lab

locationLewis Thomas Lab, 148
Phone Lab (609) 258-6112

David W. Tank

David W.

Henry L. Hillman Professor

Phone (609) 258-7371

Research: Measurement and analysis of neural circuit dynamics

Areas of Research: Biophysics, Neuroscience

Research Lab

locationPrinceton Neuroscience Institute, 156
Phone Lab (609) 258-7371

Samuel Wang

Samuel S.


Phone(609) 258-0388

Research: Information processing and learning in mammalian brains

Areas of Research: Biophysics, Chemical Biology, Computation & Modeling, Development, Evolution, Genetics, Neuroscience, Policy, Structural Biology

Research Lab

locationPrinceton Neuroscience Institute, A85
Phone Lab (609) 258-0374

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