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Global Health

Global Health Research

Princeton University's Global Health Initiative generates the multidisciplinary scholarship fundamental to health improvement worldwide. The program bridges basic and social sciences with policy pursuits to provide comprehensive educational and research endeavors to help design integrated programs for health domestically and internationally. The Department of Molecular Biology and its natural sciences partners at Princeton have active research and educational programs on molecular, biochemical, and quantitative microorganisms.

Faculty in Global Health Research

Mark Brynildsen

Mark P. Brynildsen

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Phone (609) 258-1995

Research: Bacterial persistence and host-pathogen interactions

Areas of Research: Computation & Modeling, Genomics, Global Health

Research Lab

locationHoyt, 212,214,215
Phone Lab (609) 258-5661

Ileana Cristea

Ileana M.


Phone (609) 258-9417

Research: Proteomic-Genomic approaches to chromatin and its modulation by viruses

Areas of Research: Biochemistry, Genetics, Genomics, Microbiology & Virology

Research Lab

locationLewis Thomas Lab, 210
Phone Lab (609) 258-9425

Lynn Enquist

Lynn W.

Henry L. Hillman Professor

Phone (609) 258-2415

Research: Neurovirology

Areas of Research: Cell Biology, Genomics, Microbiology & Virology, Neuroscience

Research Lab

locationSchultz Lab, 314
Phone Lab (609) 258-4990

Zemer Gitai



Phone(609) 258-9420

Research: Bacterial cell biology: fundamentals of cytoskeletal dynamics, polarity, and mitosis

Areas of Research: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Development, Genetics, Microbiology & Virology

Research Lab

locationLewis Thomas Lab, 353
Phone Lab (609) 258-9420

Adel Mahmoud

Adel A.

Lecturer with rank of Professor

Phone (609) 258-8557

Research: Global health: infectious disease; burden of illness; expanding threat; vaccines and control strategies

Areas of Research: Microbiology & Virology, Global Health

locationLewis Thomas Lab, 228

Alexander Ploss

Alexander Ploss

Assistant Professor

Phone (609) 258-7128

Research: Tissue engineering, human infections and diseases

Areas of Research: Cancer, Evolution, Genomics, Global Health, Microbiology & Virology

Research Lab

locationLewis Thomas Lab, 110
phone Lab (609) 258-2914

Thomas E. Shenk

Thomas E.

James A. Elkins Jr. Professor

Phone(609) 258-5992

Research: Human cytomegalovirus replication and pathogenesis

Areas of Research: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Genomics,
Microbiology & Virology

Research Lab

locationLewis Thomas Lab, 203
Phone Lab (609) 258-5993

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