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Evolution Research


Evolution Research

Evolution is a central unifying concept in biology. The past 10 years has witnessed tremendous advances in the study of evolution, fueled by discoveries in molecular biology, genetics, genomics, and computational biology. With this array of tools, our faculty and partners in a variety of departments are probing the process of evolution at its most fundamental level, from the origins of life to the genetic basis of phenotypic differences within and between species. The multidisciplinary and quantitative nature of this research has forged particularly strong linkages between research groups in Molecular Biology with those in Computer Science, Physics, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Faculty in Evolution Research



Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Phone (609) 258-3109

Research: Population genetics and genomics

Areas of Research: Genetics, Genomics, Evolution, Computation & Modeling
locationGuyot Hall, 41-A

Laura Landweber

Laura F.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Phone (609) 258-1947

Research: Molecular evolution, the origin of genetic systems, noncoding RNAs and RNA-mediated epigenetic inheritance

Areas of Research: Computation & Modeling, Evolution, Genetics, Genomics, Microbiology & Virology

Research Lab

locationGuyot Hall, 323
Phone Lab (609) 258-1933

mcbride pic


ecology and evolutionary biology

Phone (609) 258-9598

Research: Genes and neural circuits underlying behavioral evolution

Research Areas: Evolution, Genetics, Genomics, Neuroscience

McBride Research Lab

locationGuyot Hall, 106A 
Phone Lab (609) 258-9598

Samuel Wang

Samuel S.


Phone(609) 258-0388

Research: Information processing and learning in mammalian brains

Areas of Research: Biophysics, Chemical Biology, Computation & Modeling, Development, Evolution, Genetics, Neuroscience, Policy, Structural Biology

Research Lab

locationPrinceton Neuroscience Institute, A85
Phone Lab (609) 258-0374

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