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Biochemistry Research


Biochemistry is the foundation of all cellular processes and systems. Biochemical processes account for the functions of all...

Biophysics Research


Biologists and physicists at Princeton have always found common ground—the laws of physics are essential aspects of biology ...

Cancer Research


From the discovery of the tumor suppressor gene p53 to the identification of metastasis genes in breast cancer, Princeton has always had a ...

Cell Biology Research

Cell Biology

Cell biology is the study of how cells work as individuals, how they organize into complex groups, and how they coordinate their activities within ...

Chemical Biology Research

Chemical Biology

Chemical Biology is a relatively new field, ranging from enzymology to medicinal chemistry, and from structural ...

Computation & Modeling

Computation & Modeling

Computers now play an indispensable role in biology.  At Princeton, it’s common to see computational biologists working together  ...

Developmental Biology unites research groups from the Departments of Molecular Biology, Engineering, and Physics and the Neuroscience ...

Evolution Research


Evolution is a central unifying concept in biology. The past 10 years has witnessed tremendous advances in the study of evolution, fueled by ...

Genetics Research


Underlying almost all modern approaches to biology, Genetics is both a fundamental method of inquiry and a discipline in its own right ...

Genomics Research


The exponential explosion of complete genomic sequences coupled with the rapidly falling cost of sequencing has opened up new ...

Global Health Research

Global Health

Princeton University's Global Health Initiative generates the multidisciplinary scholarship fundamental to health improvement ...

Microbiology & Virology Research

Microbiology & Virology

Microbes will be at the heart of the solutions to the world's most pressing problems; food, energy, health, and the environment ...

Neuroscience Research


The Department of Molecular Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute have a goal to understand how the nervous system ...

Structural Biology

Structural Biology

Members of Princeton’s vibrant structural biology community—students, postdocs, and faculty—make use of a wide array of  ...

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