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Lee M. Silver

Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs, Emeritus

Lee Silver

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Research Focus

Social and ethical implications of advances in reproductive technology and genetics

Dr. Silver is a professor in the Department of Molecular Biology and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. His current research focuses on social, political and ethical issues raised by human stem cell research, cloning, advanced reproductive technologies, genetic testing, genetic selection, and genetic engineering. His previous book for a popular audience, Remaking Eden, demystifies the science and technology of genetics and reproduction, and describes incredible new ways in which people will be able to reproduce and choose the genes they provide to their children. His current book project explores the basis for widespread public concerns over all aspects of biotechnology. Dr. Silver argues that much of the general opposition is based not on a rational evaluation of risks and benefits, but rather on a covert or unconscious fear that biotechnology, by its very nature, infringes upon the soul or spirit of human beings or the soul or spirit of other organisms and systems of life. In the context of certain belief systems, Dr. Silver claims that fears of soul infringement are valid. Nevertheless, he argues that future humanity will need to embrace biotechnology as a tool to sustain the world's human population and the biosphere as a whole.

To learn more about Dr. Silver's research, teaching, and public outreach, please go to his complete Princeton University web site at: web.princeton.edu/sites/lsilver

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