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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

James R. Broach

James R. Broach
Professor of Molecular Biology, Emeritus, Lecturer with the rank of Professor in Molecular Biology

Research Focus: Control of cellular growth and development

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Edward Cox
Edwin Grant Conklin Professor 
Professor of Molecular Biology, Emeritus

Research Focus: Self-organizing simple systems and gene regulation at the single molecule level.

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Jacques Fresco
Damon B. Pfeiffer Professor in the Life Sciences
Professor of Molecular Biology, Emeritus

Research Focus: A new approach to gene therapy; Cytogenetic probes for amplified cancer-relevant genes; Physical-Chemical studies of nucleic acids; Mutagenic mechanisms; Molecular mechanisms

John Hopfield

John J. Hopfield

Howard A. Prior Professor in the Life Sciences, Emeritus
Professor of Molecular Biology, Emeritus

Austin Newton

Professor of Molecular Biology, Emeritus

Research Focus: Cell Cycle regulation and the control of differentiation

Carl Icahn Lab, 264
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 Moffett Lab, 117
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