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Rony Paz (Weizmann Inst)

The event will start on: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 | 4:30 pm
Location: Schultz Lab, 107 | Washington Road

Neuroscience Seminar Series


rony paz

Rony Paz
Weizmann Institute of Science
How can 1011 neurons, each forming up to 104 synaptic connections with other neurons, work in concert to process information and underlie the high cognitive functions we use daily? What is the neural code, or the language, these clusters of neurons use? We are mostly interested in dynamics of neuronal networks during learning and memory formation. We combine electrophysiological methods in behaving animals, behavioral paradigms adapted from cognitive psychology, and computational methods from machine-learning and statistics, to unveil neuronal mechanisms and algorithms.

We investigate the neural codes that underlie phenomena such as: reinforcement learning, generalization of learning, emotional modulation of memories, extinction and maintenance of memories, primitives of computation, social cognition and learning, and we try to derive simplified animal models for pathologies that arise from abnormalities in the neural code (e.g. post-traumatic-stress-disorder, Autism, Epilepsy). Please see Research for details.

Seminar Topic

Amygdala-prefrontal circuitry in aversive learning and memory: network physiology and psychopathology

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Free and open to the university community and the public

Hosted by: Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Hosted by Yael Niv

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