Christine Tinberg (University of Washington)

The event will start on: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 | 4:00 pm
Location: Schultz Lab, 107 | Washington Road

MolBio Seminar Series


Christine TinbergChristine Tinberg
University of Washington 

Dr. Christine (Christy) Tinberg became interested in science during her undergraduate years at Northwestern University, where she studied copper acquisition by Methanotrophic bacteria with Prof. Amy Rosenzweig. Inspired by her research experience at Northwestern, she pursued graduate studies with Prof. Steve Lippard in the Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her thesis research focused on investigating the catalytic mechanisms of dinuclear iron enzymes that utilize molecular oxygen to oxidize inert hydrocarbons including methane. At MIT, Christy was awarded an opportunity to participate in the NIH/MIT Interdepartmental Biotechnology Training Grant Fellowship Program, an experience that exposed her to a broad range of complex interdisciplinary problems related to biotechnology, bioengineering, and synthetic biology. Her increasing curiosity in the scientific problems addressed by this program led her to pursue postdoctoral studies with Prof. David Baker in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Washington. Her research in the Baker lab has focused on developing computational and experimental methods for the design of highly selective small molecule binding proteins for biomedical and biotechnological applications. 


Seminar Topic

Computational Design of Ligand Binding Proteins with High Affinity and Selectivity

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