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Marian Walhout (U Mass)

The event will start on: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 | 4:15 pm
Location: Carl Icahn Lab, 101 | Washington Road

Quantitative & Computational Biology Seminar Series


WalhoutMarian Walhout
UMass Medical School

Biological systems are extremely complex, yet remarkably robust. One of the major questions in the field of Systems Biology is how is complexity organized, how does it evolve and how is it maintained? Questions such as these require the use of high-quality large-scale approaches to first map the organization of systems, as well as close collaborations with computational biologists to integrate the data such that the organizing principles and emergent properties of biological systems are unveiled.


Seminar Topic

Dietary regulatory networks

Our diet greatly influences numerous traits and diseases. We have recently started to use the nematode C. elegans to gain insight into the connections between diet, gene expression and physiology and have started to delineate the metabolic and gene regulatory networks involved in the dietary response.

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