Honors & Awards

Faculty Honors and Awards

2012/2013 Senior Faculty Members

David Botstein

David Botstein

  • Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation, 2013

Lynn Enquist

Lynn Enquist

  • Honorary Degree from Ghent University, 2013

Thomas Shenk

Thomas Shenk

  • Intellectual Property Accelerator Award, 2013

Manuel Llinas

Manuel Llinás

  • Grand Challenges Exploration Award, 2012

Coleen Murphy

Coleen T. Murphy

  • Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Award, 2012

2011-2012 Senior Faculty Members

Bonnie Bassler

Bonnie L. Bassler

  • American Philosophical Society Award, 2012
  • Royal Society Fellowship Award, 2012
  • Honorary Degree, Tufts University, 2012
  • Honorary Degree, Bates College, 2012
  • L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Award, 2011
  • The National Academy of Sciences recipient of the 2011
    Richard Lounsbery Award

David Botstein

David Botstein

  • Dan David Prize Laureate, 2012
Elizabeth Gavis

Elizabeth R. Gavis

  • President, The North American Drosophila Board of Directors
Yibin Kang

Yibin Kang


Leon Rosenberg

  • McKusick Leadership Award, American Society of Human Genetics, 2011

Gertrud M. Schüpbach

  • Honorary Degree, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Jean Schwarzbauer

Jean E. Schwarzbauer

  • President, American Society for Matrix Biology (ASMB)
  • Keynote speaker, 50th Anniversary of CMB Grad Program, UW-Madison
Thomas Shenk

Thomas E. Shenk

  • Arthur Kornberg and Paul Berg Lifetime Achievement Award in Biomedical Sciences, Stanford Medical Center

Thomas Silhavy

Thomas J. Silhavy

  • Appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Bacteriology

John Storey

John Storey

  • Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2012
  • Desai et al. (2011) PLoS Medicine chosen as “Genome Advance of the Month” by NHGRI

David Tank

David W. Tank

  • Lawrence Katz Prize, Duke University
Sam Wang

Samuel S. Wang

  • 2012 McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award
  • Appointed to the Rita Allen Board of Directors

Ned Wingreen

Ned Wingreen

  • Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2012

Virginia A. Zakian

Virginia A. Zakian

  • Barnum Museum Lecture, Tufts University
  • President’s Lecture series, Princeton University

2011-2012 Junior Faculty Members

Ileana Cristea

Ileana Cristea

  • American Society for Mass Spectrometry Research Award, 2012
  • Early Career Award in Mass Spectometry, 2011

Alexei Korennykh

  • General Biology Award from BioMed Central, 2011
Mala Murthy

Mala Murthy

  • McKnight Foundation Scholar Award, 2012
  • Klingenstein Fellowship Award in the Neurosciences, 2012
  • Princeton-Oxford Collaborative Research Grant, 2012
  • Human Frontiers Science Program Young Investigator Award, 2011
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellow, 2011
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2011

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